What is an entrepretraveler?

What is an entrepretraveler?

In simple words, if you enjoy travelling, writing and have the initiative to start a business then you are an entrepretraveler.

Could we say that a professional travel blogger is an entrepretraveler? Almost. Being a entrepretraveler involves being more business focused than just blogging. So if you already have a blog or you are just a very good writer and enjoy travelling at the same time, start thinking like a business person.

Sharing your travel experiences is great, but what if you could think a little bigger and become a small business owner? At first no one thinks of blogging as a good source of income and it might be challenging at times, but if you have patience and are perseverant, you might just have the key to success.


1. Start by being sure that you want to dedicate your time to writing about your travels and that this hobby will become your full-time job.

2. Create the actual blog. Choose a blogging platform such as: WordPress, Blogger, etc. Register a domain name. Buy your web hosting service (GoDaddy, Hostgator).

3. Build an audience by deciding what type of travel blogger you are and who is your target audience.

4. Create useful content. Tips. Reviews. Choose your path. Are you going to tell your stories through photos or through words? Do you enjoy making short videos? Decide the way you’re going to share your experiences.

5. Be consistent. If you commit to uploading a blog post once a week - do it! Don’t let down your readers.

6. Use social media to gain more readers. You have to become your own PR. Using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram nowadays is so normal, make it worth it your time.

The blogger Stephanie Be was the first person to use the concept of ‘entrepretraveler’ when talking about the success of her travel blog, TravelBreak.


She now has about 280,000 followers and has been to 40 countries following her dream of travelling around the world and having a business in the same time. As she mentioned once,

“You can travel while working, it just requires a lot of discipline”.

So what are you waiting for? Start your own business!