8 Top Universities for Entrepreneurship - 8 Promising Startups

8 Top Universities for Entrepreneurship - 8 Promising Startups
An increasing number of UK universities are encouraging students to develop their projects and ideas, by providing funding, support and other invaluable resources to help grow their students' entrepreneurial talent. The Daily Wiz team decided to select 8 of the top UK university incubators, accelerators, pre-accelerators and other support programmes, along with our favourite project from each.

1- Imperial College London

The Pre-accelerator: Imperial Create Lab Our favourite project: CHOPCHOP chopchop, imperial create lab, imperial college london Concept in a tweet:

A seamless cooking experience, designed using quantum physics algorithms, takes a recipe & guides you verbally, to ensure a perfect meal.

In more detail: Balancing tasks is challenging. By keeping track of the current situation and adapting like a SatNav, CHOPCHOP allows you to reduce wasted time and stress. Drawing on quantum physics algorithms the team have produced a seamless cooking experience which takes a recipe and guides you through steps using verbal commands, updating along the way to ensure a perfect meal.

2- City University London

City Starters Our favourite project: CYCL cycl Concept in a tweet:

Innovative cycling safety products e.g. WingLights: magnetically attachable indicators that attach to the ends of straight handlebars.

In more detail: After moving from Italy to London, Luca Amaduzzi became aware of the danger of cycling in the London, and was inspired to create CYCL - innovative cycling safety products aimed at cyclists in urban areas.  

3- University of Leeds

Business startup service: Spark Our favourite project: JumpIn JumpIn, university of leeds, startup, spark Concept in a tweet:

A social taxi booking & sharing app, tailored for students. Share journeys with others via the auto-match feature or fare split with friends

In more detail: Booking taxis made easier, with location favourites and popular journeys at your fingertips. You can pay with cash, card or credit and on single journeys, know the fare before you travel. Share your journey with other community members through the auto-match feature or fare split with friends. Save money by sharing taxis with other students and travel socially.

4- Aston University, Birmingham City University & University of Birmigham

Start-up programme: BSEEN Our favourite project: Ladybot Clothing ladybot, startup, fashion, bseen Concept in a tweet:

An online fashion brand inspired by the fun & excitement of 1980’s fashion. Collaborating with new artists & designers to build a community.

In more detail: Trendy, loud, statement clothing inspired by an obsession with the 1980’s fashion scene, movies and music of the time, along with freedom of expression through colour and print. One of the main aims of Ladybot is to get people involved; collaborating with artists and print designers to photographers and models. All with the hope of getting people noticed and building a network that connects the world's major creative cities.

5- London Business School

Incubator: Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Our favourite project: Colmeia colmeia, startup, networking, events, contacts Concept in a tweet:

Make the most of in-person networking using geolocation & memory tech to meet the right people at events & remember each interaction.

In more detail:  Colmeia is the Portuguese word for "beehive". Whether you are selling, hiring or job-hunting, this app's powerful personal relationship management engine and analytics ensure you remember names and contexts at events. Automatically connect with new contacts, check Twitter updates and set voice notes or calendar reminders instantly. Tap into existing first and second degree connections to make the most of your event experience.

6- University of Strathclyde

Rising Star Programme Our favourite project: SuperJam superjam, rising star programme, university of strathclyde Concept in a tweet:

British jam made 100% from fruit, without adding sugar or additives.

In more detail: One afternoon in her kitchen in Glasgow, Susan Doherty taught Fraser how to make jam. Little did he know that this afternoon of jam-making would go on to change his life. Now available in Waitrose, Fraser has become successful, and has even published his own book of recipes, been invited to Downing Street.

7- Universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton and Surrey

Incubator: SETsquared Our favourite project: Ordable – University of Bath ordable, setsquared, university of bath, startup Concept in a tweet:

The app that allows you to quickly and easily browse, order and pay for food and drink at restaurants on your smartphone.

In more detail: Using iBeacon technology, Ordable has developed a way to micro-locate smartphone users indoors and assign them to a table. This means no more ‘catching the waiter’s eye’ or waiting for the card machine. Ordable offers an innovative solution that enables restaurants to build relationships and loyalty with their customers.

8- Nottingham Trent University

Incubator: The Hive Our favourite project: Student Mundial student mundial, nottingham trent university, startup, the hive, incubator Concept in a tweet:

Find student accommodation worldwide - Read reviews, join discussions & post a spare room. Find your perfect house & roommates.

In more detail:
Student Mundial is a website that helps students find accommodation and flatmates. Students can book rooms, whole apartments or houses from just a month to a whole year. A safe platform for students to chat with other students interested in the same place and speak to the students currently living there to find out what the place is like from their point of view!

*Bonus project

University of Exeter

Ignite Entrepreneur Support Programme Our favourite project: One Third Stories  Also supported by FFWD London (in association with Accelerator Academy)   one third stories, startup, languages, children Concept in a tweet:

Language learning made easy, bedtime stories that start in English and end in a different language.

In more detail: One Third Stories creates digital children's stories that start in English and end in a different language, by gradually introducing foreign words. Having completed the Ignite 100 Accelerator in December and they are now bootstrapping with a Virgin Start-Up loan and will be launching their first story, that 1,522 children have helped create, on Kickstarter in April.
So there you go, 8 innovative startups and the 8 university programmes giving them a helping hand! If you have an interesting business idea, why not create a project page on Wizbii to test it out, gain visibility and find partners?!