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Carrying out work experience can be an optional or compulsory part of your university degree, and can come in the form of an internship, summer placement or placement year. The benefits of carrying out work experience are significant and can help you secure a job after graduation. Discover tips to help you find an internship, companies currently hiring, how to make a good first impression and more.

How to be the perfect intern

The time has come, you're about to start your internship. You've arrived at the building where you'll be working for the next few weeks or perhaps months. There are offices, conference rooms, colleagues, superiors and now you! The "newbie". The question is, how should you act and find your bearings in this new workplace, perhaps even a completely new world? You're happy to have managed to get an internship after a long search and various interviews, but now it's time to make a positive and lasting impression. Discover a few attitudes all good interns should adopt.

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What should I include on my CV if I don't have much experience?

A student asked me this question a few weeks ago. She wanted to find an internship abroad and asked me what skills she should include on her CV to increase her chances of getting hired. She felt she had no professional experience and therefore couldn't sell herself. We're going to show you that t...

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Make sport work for your CV

Sports teams at university – whether you’re in one or you’ve simply heard of one, you know they’re there and that there is a seemingly endless stream of them. From acrobatics to Quidditch, getting involved in a sport while at uni can be a great way to keep fit, meet people and to have a welcome d...

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Internships: What are the benefits and where to apply?

Not everyone is aware of the importance of having some professional, hands-on experience. Although student loans will usually cover rent, many of us will need to find a part-time job to pay for other important things like food, bills, books etc., with a bit on the side for going out occasionally ...

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Help! What experience should I include on my CV?

Not having enough relevant experience is a common problem for students and graduates. It can be tempting to include every little detail of your past employment in an attempt to fill up as much space as possible on your CV. However, as with many situations, sometimes less is more. By leaving out l...

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Inside the Company: Tala's summer internship at Barclays

This week as part of our Inside the Company column we interview 21-year-old Tala Abi Esber about her internship as a Personal and Corporate Banking & Barclaycard Summer Analyst at Barclays, London. What was it that attracted you to Barclays/Would you recommend working for Barclays and why...

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