4 student holiday destinations and tips for travelling on a budget!

4 student holiday destinations and tips for travelling on a budget!
Calling all students: thinking about setting off on a long weekend with friends without spending too much? Going on holidays for 3 days is possible, even on a budget! We've come up with deals for 4 destinations we've fallen in love with: Rome, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Budapest! Restaurants, bars and culture: here are a few original and off-the-beaten-track places to visit, as well as transport and rental deals so that you pay less. Here are some tips to help you can enjoy yourself without getting stressed out about organisation! 

1- Budapest

A city which relaxation with partying

Restaurant: The Divin Porcello, for a large selection of quality food in a beautiful setting. Club: Morrison's 2 , without a doubt. This club, open until dawn, has a little something for everyone! Entry costs less than 3 euros which will grant you access to 5 different rooms with 5 different styles of music as well as cocktails at 4 euros! A great deal for party lovers: stay in the youth hostel just above the club (the Full Moon Hostel) for only 10 euros per night (or 20 euros at peak times) FullMoonHostel Out of the ordinary: Typical for Hungarians, but like nothing you have ever seen before, you absolutely HAVE to go visit Budapest's thermal baths. There are few different baths, we tried out the Szechenyi Thermal Baths which were amazing: saunas, Turkish baths at different temperatures and outdoor baths. The only downside: the baths can be very busy and crowded at certain times, so get yourself there early! When night falls, try out Szimpla Kert, one of Budapest's famous "ruin bars" which has an absolutely crazy decor! A must-see: Sziget Festival every summer in August. Transport: There are lots of flights to Budapest, you can get a return flight from London in August for between 100 and 150 euros! Prices: 1.12 euros for a metro ticket, 339 euros for a month's rent, 0.74 euros per beer, 4.78€ for a meal.

 2- Barcelona

A sunny, bustling city

Restaurant: Opposite the "Palau de la Música Catalana" (Catalan Palace of Music), you can find a nice little restaurant where you can eat on the terrace. L’Alsur Café (Plaza de Sant Cugat, 1) offers a selection of delicious tapas and mojitos at reasonable prices. Another great location: The Xampanyeria with its typical Spanish tapas. Bar : Polaroïd (Carrer dels Codols, 29) is an 80's themed bar with cocktails to die for! The decor is surprisingly nice, and most cocktails cost around 6 euros. We also love Domino Bar where you can find a variety of original shots at 1 euro accompanied by homemade tapas. If you feel like dancing all night after the bars, head to Opium , a great nightclub on the beachfront with free entry. Out of the ordinary: We strongly advise visiting the Antic Teatre, an open air theatre with regular performances. Take in the sun and have a cafe on the terrace. Shows usually cost around 7 euros, with a drink included. ROME Transport: You can find cheap return flights to the Spanish capital from around 100 euros with companies like Vueling. Set up price alerts on flight compare websites like Skyscanner or Kayak to get the best prices. Prices: 2.10 euros for a metro ticket, 700 euros for a month's rent, 0.90 euros for a beer, 11 euros for a meal.

3- Rome

A city bursting with history and culture

Restaurant: Pizzeria Cartoon (Piazza Quinto Curzio, 26) is a local restaurant with absolutely delicious pizzas (around 15 euros for a meal)! If not, you could try out the famous Mozzarella Bar (our mouths are already watering). Bar:  "Aperitivos" are  a national treasure. The concept? Order a drink for access to an amazing buffet of Italian specialities! Our favourite: Freni E Frizioni (Via del Politeama, 4) is a must-see, the bar is in a reconverted garage! Out of the ordinary:  Lanifico 159 (Via di PIetralata, 159) is an exhibition room, bar and co-working space which offers the possibility to watch a variety of plays. barcelone Transport: The easiest way to travel to Rome is by plane. It's very quick (3 hour flight). We would advise you to visit during the week as it's less popular and flights therefore much cheaper, you can even find return flights in August for as cheap as 120 euros from London. However, if want to go from Friday to Sunday, prices are more likely to cost around 140 euros. Last-minute prices aren't always the cheapest. You should try to book in advance and set up price alerts. Prices: 1.50€ for a metro ticket, 679 euros for one month's rent, 1.32 euros for a beer, 15 euros for a meal.

4 - Amsterdam

A unique city with fascinating architecture

Restaurant: Discover Dutch specialites at Moeders (Rozengracht 251 in the hip Jordaan district). A meal at this very kitschly decorated restaurant  will cost you around 15 euros. For those who prefer a traditional brunch, we would recommend Staring At Jacob (Jacob van Leenepkade, 215): there is a long wait for a table on a Sunday morning, but it's deffinitely worth it. Club: If you're looking for somewhere to party, the one and only Paradiso is located in a reconverted church.  Make sure you check what DJs are playing as prices can range from 5 to 25 euros. Out of the ordinary: Sip a freshly-brewed beer overlooking the canals at Brouwerij’t ij (Funenkade 7). Transport: You can get a one hour return flight from London for less than 100 euros. AMSTERDAM bonnes adresses voyager Prices: 2.86 euros for a metro ticket, 1,272 euros for a month's rent, 1.03 euros for a beer, 15 euros for a meal.

Accommodation: how to find the best prices?

4 tips to help you find the best prices when it comes to accommodation:Check out Airbnb, it's often a lot cheaper to rent a room or apartment than to stay in a hotel. This is a really good idea if you want to stay in Amsterdam which is quite an expensive city. You can get 31 euros off your next rental thanks to Wizbii by signing up here. The bigger your group, the cheaper the Airbnb as you can split the cost! Airbnb also allows you to choose out-of-the-ordinary, original locations. airbnbBooking.com: it's easy to choose hotels to suit your budget! A small word of advice: use TripAdvisor alongside Booking.com and read others' opinions about the accommodation to ensure you won't be disappointed. Youth hostels are also listed on Booking.com so make the most of this and travel for cheaper! ♦ Couchsurfing: for the more adventurous, try the site couchsurfing.com - sleep on a stranger's sofa and make new friends for free! ♦ Don't forget to ask for advice from your friends and family! ♥ A little bonus for anyone who loves travelling: we love this "scratch map" which allows you to scratch the countries you have already visited!  carte monde Any other tips or recommendations? Feel free to share in the comments! Bon voyage :)  wizbii