The struggles of finding a job in 10 funny GIFs

The struggles of finding a job in 10 funny GIFs
Finding a job is never a stroll in the park... Between struggling to get a reply from employers, job advertisements asking for impossible amounts of experience, the disappointment when you find out what your first job is really like... The Wizbii team have summed up the 10 key moments of the struggle to find your first job! 

Applying for jobs

computer recherche offres d emploi postuler etudiants jeunes diplomes

When you realise you just ended your email with "xxx"


Waiting for an employer to reply…

skeleton, bench, waiting

When you find out your friend on Facebook just got offered a job at Coca-Cola with a starting salary of £40,000...

Quand tu découvres que tes amis Facebook décrochent un CDI chez Coca-Cola …

When you finally get a reply from a recruiter

waiting, recruiter

Then you get an interview

Quand tu décroches un entretien  

And then... you get the job! YAY

Quand tu décroches un...CDI

When you get up for your first day of work

reveil recrutement

When you realise what your "real" responsibilities are

galeres de recherche emploi gifs trouver job stage jeune diplomé étudiant

When finally enough work experience you have...

experience, job, internship

But, thanks to Wizbii, you can skip the most tiresome parts of the job search!

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