Soft skills: How to show off your personality and get hired!

Soft skills: How to show off your personality and get hired!
Looking for your first job but don't have enough experience on your CV to get noticed by employers? Don't panic! All of us use skills without even noticing: soft skills, to be precise! Let's have a look at what they are and find out how to identify those which will best help you stand out in the world of work.

Article written by Immacolata Basile.

Nowadays, more and more companies judge applicants based not only on their qualifications (universities, languages and IT skills, etc.), but also their soft skills, which can very important in an increasingly complex and competitive job market. Soft skills are, in fact, the skills and personal resources we all possess (and will certainly strengthen over time!). Soft skills are useful for working and effective organisation; put simply, two people with the same technical knowledge and skills will work much differently because they have completely different attitudes and personality traits! stand out, soft skills, personality, recruitment, career, penguin, job search, job application

6 essential soft skills

  • Communication skills: the ability to not only express yourself verbally, but also to transmit and share information with others in a clear and concise way, to listen and compare yourself with others and be able to, for example, explain calmly to other members of the team what you need;
  • Teamwork: building positive social relationships is the key to being able to work well with others and achieve objectives;
  • Flexibility/Adaptability: there's nothing more important than knowing how to adapt to the changing needs of an organisation, being open to new ideas and different points of view;
  • Problem solving: faced with a problem, always ready with a solution! Being able to explain your method and approach to the problem, how you got others involved, identified solutions and what results, in measurable terms, you finally obtained.
  • Critical thinking is the ability to develop ideas, gather information and re-organise data and knowledge to obtain goals.
  • Conflict resolution: the ability to persuade, negotiate and resolve conflict is critical for moving forward!
stand out, soft skills, personality, recruitment, career, penguin, job search, job application

How to make the most of soft skills when applying for jobs?

It's very useful to make a list of your best qualities to help you understand if a job is for you and whether it matches your personality or not! When describing your soft skills in a CV or cover letter, don't just make a list of adjectives, add some detail! Self-evaluation isn't frowned upon: list extra-curricular activities (sports, trips abroad, volunteering etc.) and experiences that let employers know a little more about you! This will make it easier for you to be clear about your interests and talents; don't forget it's these aspects that employers will pay attention to when deciding whether or not you have the right attitude for the job! During job interviews, unsurprisingly, the interviewer's decision about you will mainly be influenced by the soft skills the company is looking for. What's more, it's quite common that interviewers might ask you to tell them about an experience you described in your CV to find out more about your personality: if you answer accurately, you can help the employer understand if you're the right person for the job. Describe, for example, the skills you have been able to gain from such and such an experience, what skills you have developed by doing a particular activity, people who have helped your career, etc. lightbulbs, stand out, soft skills, personality, recruitment, career, job search, job application

Show your enthusiasm!

Career advisors agree that technical skills can help you get an interview, but that soft skills definitely help you  get a job and, most importantly, keep it! find job or internship wizbii