Do you have what it takes to work in a startup?

Do you have what it takes to work in a startup?
A startup is a small business created by directors and shareholders that often evolves in an unstable environment. There are many startups who are currently recruiting young graduates and you might have asked yourself if you have what it takes to work in one. There are many differences between small and large businesses in terms of expectations but more particularly organisation: larger companies can often be a lot less flexible. So, how can you find out if you have the right profile to work or carry out your internship in a startup? We interviewed Philippe, co-founder of young, up-an-coming startup Souscitoo.

4 skills necessary for working in a startup.

Knowing how to be independent

According to Philippe, the most important skill for working in a startup is the ability to be independent and take on responsibilities. You must be pro-active and avoid being passive. In a startup, the team is smaller and therefore each member is indispensable: there's nowhere to hide. startup-photos travailler profil start up It's often this aspect that interests applicants: it's attractive and enriching to have responsibilities at work and feel as though you're actually useful. "Even when you're an intern in a startup you feel like a real employee, involved in lots of different tasks within the business" says Anne, an intern at Souscitoo.

Be efficient

Knowing how to work efficiently is very important for startup life. Philippe explains why time is of the essence in a startup! You should know how to effectively organise your time in order to be as efficient as possible. You need to know how to make the most of your time and focus on what's most important. You should know how to be methodical as you will often have many tasks to carry out at the same time. What's more, in a startup, you must be able to out-do yourself and work quickly in order to overtake the competition and help the business grow quickly. What's interesting for both employees and interns is that you can often see immediate results: sometimes you will write and publish an article that, in the same day, could be read by hundreds, maybe thousands of internet users. startup-photos travailler profil start up

Ability to adapt

When you work in a startup, it's important to know that there is no typical day-to-day routine: work can vary depending on how the business evolves. Adapting to changes allows the business to advance as quickly as possible. You could be recruited for certain tasks, but after a few months, you could find yourself doing completely different ones. For employees, it's also this flexibility that's interesting: startup job descriptions are often a lot less specific than for large companies, where everything is standardised and each person has specific tasks to carry out. However, in a startup there's the possibility to have responsibilities and tasks that change depending on preferences and skills, all whilst keeping the company's needs in mind, of course. startup-photos travailler profil start up

Ability to achieve results

For Philippe, the final skill which is needed to work in a startup is the ability to achieve results, that's to say, be ready to do everything possible to take over the competition. You must know how to persevere and go above and beyond what is asked of you. To make sure your startup makes moves forward, you must be exigent with  other members of your team, but especially with yourself and your own work. You must be passionate, work on projects and issues that you believe in and which are close to your heart, and never believe that something is "impossible". startup-photos travailler profil start up

So, convinced you have what it takes?

If you think you have all these skills and that what we have described corresponds to your work expectations, then you're ready to work in a startup and the startup spirit is for you! What's also great is the work atmosphere which is often laid-back despite the heavy workload and teams are often very young. startup-photos travailler profil start up Souscritoo is the startup revolutionizing moving and everything related (energy, internet, house insurance, changing address etc.) with one phone call, and no more than 20 minutes, 100% free of charge.