8 job interview reactions in GIFs

8 job interview reactions in GIFs
During a job interview, interviewers will ask you many questions. These will mostly be commonly asked questions. Others, however, could be very original and some should probably even be illegal. Before every interview, it's important to prepare answers to any questions you think might come up. Unfortunately, it's not always as easy to prepare your reactions to these questions. Here are 8 of the top reactions candidates have during a job interview in GIFs!

Article by Delphine Martin

1 - WHEN YOU'RE WAITING FOR THE INTERVIEWER A period of intense stress as you wait for the interviewer to open the office door and call you in. What questions are they going to ask me? How will the interview go?
    2 - WHEN THEY ASK YOU THE INFAMOUS, "WHY YOU?" Erm... How am I supposed to answer that?
  3 - "WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE COMPANY?" It's your moment to shine and show off your in-depth knowledge of the company! Make the most of it!
  4 - "I NOTICED THAT YOU DIDN'T WORK FROM 2011 to 2013, HOW COME?"  It's the question you were really hoping they wouldn't ask, but no... You start wondering why you hadn't just lied on your CV.
  5 - WHEN THE INTERVIEWER ASKS YOU IF YOU KNOW HOW TO CODE AND YOU SAY YES... WHEN, IN FACT, YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA We all slightly embellish our skills at one point or another...
  6 - WHEN THEY ASK YOU SOMETHING THAT THEY DEFINITELY SHOULDN'T ASK Along the lines of "Are you pregnant? Did you vote in the last election? What are your religious beliefs? What do your parents work as?"
  7 - WHEN YOU COMPLETELY MESSED UP THE INTERVIEW  Interviews can go badly. You're stressed, you don't always know how to answer questions... Calm down! It's not the end of the world.
  During a job interview, you can be confronted with all of these situations. Job interviews are a place of interrogation and surprises. In order to pass this test, it's important to think of the different types of questions that could be asked and work out exactly how you plan on answering. Make sure you are ready for the interview by preparing meticulously, the key is to be yourself and be confident! Good luck for all your future job interviews

Article translated by Cherie Gamble