Quiz: What job is right for me?

Quiz: What job is right for me?
What am I going to do later on in life? We've all asked ourselves this question, thousands of times. Not sure of your career path? Haven't found what really motivates you in life? This little quiz should help make things a little clearer!   youth employment, job search, career path, career, what job is right for me, quiz

What were your favourite subjects at school?

  • English: I love literature and figures of speech, I express myself well both orally and in writing. (2pts)
  • Maths: Arithmetic and problem solving are my thing! I have a logical mind. (3pts)
  • Modern languages: French, German, Spanish, Italian, learning a new language isn't work, it's pleasure! (1pt)
  • Science: nature, animals and the human body are all subjects I feel passionately about! I want to understand everything about the world we live in! (4pts)
  • History/Geography: I love learning about civilisations, what makes us who we are, our ancestors and how they lived! (5pts)

In a group I am:

  • The centre of attention, always making jokes (they aren't always good), I don't like going unnoticed. (1pt)
  • listen to conversations and am not afraid to give my opinion, even if it leads to an argument. (2pts)
  • I don't like drawing attention to myself. I prefer intimate conversations and feel intimidated in groups. (3pts)
  • The mediator. If there's an argument I like to be the one to sort it out, it's a challenge! (5pts)
  • The one who always suggests new activities. I love going out with my friends and trying new things! (4pts)
 youth employment, job search, career path, career, what job is right for me, quiz

I spend my time:

  • Inventing and coming up with new ideas. There are so many inventions that could make our lives so much easier! (3pts)
  • Surfing the internet. I'm pretty much an expert when it comes to YouTube and other social media. I'm up to date on all the latest online trends. (2pts)
  • Drawing. It helps me get away from it all. (5pts)
  • Organising. I'm the King/Queen of lists and have hundreds of to-do lists. (1pt)
  • Going out. I can't stay at home, I need to get out and see people. (4pts)

My qualities:

  • I'm very helpful (4pts)
  • I'm very organised (3pts)
  • I'm very sociable (1pt)
  • I'm very creative (5pts)
  • I'm very attentive and considerate (2pts)
 youth employment, job search, career path, career, what job is right for me, quiz

My weaknesses:

  • I'm easily stressed out, which makes me lose my cool. (3pts)
  • I have a quick temper, which can get me trouble. (2pts)
  • I'm a risk-taker, I love putting myself in risky situations. (1pt)
  • keep myself to myself, I prefer to be alone. (5pts)
  • I'm quite stubborn, I'm always right anyway. And when I'm wrong? I'm still right. (4pts)

Quiz results:

 youth employment, job search, career path, career, what job is right for me, quiz Between 5 and 10 points: I'm very sociable, I like being noticed and want people to know who I am. The Business sector suits me best and jobs which allow me to express myself. I'm always ready to take the floor, I have no fear! Between 10 and 15 points: I love helping others, I should work in the care/service sector, in a job where I could be of real use. I am honest, a quality that often causes arguments. Between 15 and 20 points: I've got my feet on the ground, but that doesn't mean I'm not creative. I love inventing and finding solutions. I'm attracted to careers in science! Between 20 and 25 points: My head's in the clouds, I have an amazing imagination! I love learning about history and nature. I need a job that allows me to make the most of my creative side, something like design or illustration... Obviously we're not claiming to be career advisors! Let us know your results in the comments section and don't forget to sign up on Wizbii to find the job of your dreams!  find job or internship wizbii Quiz created by Lucille Joffre