6 promising startups from Ireland and NI, just in time for St. Patrick's Day!

6 promising startups from Ireland and NI, just in time for St. Patrick's Day!
The time has come again, it's everyone's favourite day of the year, and no, it's not Christmas:  St. Patrick's Day! To celebrate we wanted to choose some of the best young talent from the home of St. Patrick himself, Ireland and Northern Ireland (we'll probably have a few pints as well though).

1- Stageville

stageville Team: Tom Pywell (Co-founder), Simon Curran (Founder) and Sean Donnellan (Cinematographer) Founded in Dublin in 2015, Stageville is a crowdfunding platform for up-and-coming musicians. Artists can connect with fans and raise funds to help them succeed in the music industry. Stageville encourages musicians to get commitment from their fans by putting emphasis on pre-sale tickets and the shows is confirmed once there are enough pledges from fans. The artist knows in advance that they will be paid and that they will be playing to a good crowd. The idea was inspired by the founders who, when playing at gigs in the past, found it stressful not knowing if a crowd would show up. Stageville are currently part Launchbox.ie accelerator programme.

2- FoodCloud

foodcloud Founders: Aoibheann O'Brien (Co-founder) and Iseult Ward (Co-founder) FoodCloud was founded in 2012 by a group of students who shared a love of food but a distaste for waste. A not-for-profit social enterprise that connects businesses with too much food with charities that have too little, FoodCloud's mission is to create innovative solutions for surplus food that empower people, bring communities together and lasting positive social change. A partnership with Tesco in 2014 has meant that surplus food from their 146 stores is redistributed to charities across Ireland.

3- Love & Robots

2649854 Founders: Emer O'Daly (CEO), Aoibheann O'Daly and Kate O'Daly Made with love and built by robots. Founded in Dublin in 2012, Love & Robots is an interactive jewellery brand that is pioneering cutting-edge 3d printing technology to create customised pieces on-demand. Customers can edit, re-design and play with products, online in real-time, before they are even manufactured.

4- WattSpot

New-WattSpot-Logo-01 Founders: Conor Nolan & Conor McGowan Founded in 2014, WattSpot provides phone charging facilities to businesses as an incentive for customers to enter their stores as opposed to competitors without WattSpot, increasing sales and overall customer experience.  According to the two Connors, their goal is to make your day a little bit easier by making things like worrying about your phone battery a thing of the past. The duo are now focusing their attention on wireless charging. "A free service: there for you when you need us, wherever you are". 2017 will be a big year for WattSpot, who will bring wireless charging to Ireland, the UK and Europe allowing people to access phone charging in the same way as with Wifi today.

5- Brewbot

brewbot Founder: Chris McClelland Launched in Belfast in 2013, Brewbot's goal is to make brewing quality beer accessible to everyone. Using software and hardware, Brewbot gives you the right information at the right time to help you make the perfect brews at the touch of a button.  The brewer simply connects the machine to the Brewbot mobile app, chooses a recipe and adds the ingredients as instructed.

6- Freelance Student

QHMv9ZSU Founder: James Donaghy An online marketplace that allows employers to find and hire students and graduates for freelance projects. By cutting out the middle man, i.e. career's departments, job boards etc., employers can find young talent quickly and efficiently. Students can also connect with employers from all over the world for flexible, freelance work experience, instead of internships and work placements.   Happy St. Patrick's Day, we hope you enjoyed there promising Irish/Northern Irish projects! If you're thinking of starting your own business, you can create your own personalised project page on Wizbii for free, to test out your idea, gain visibility and find associates! wizbii