Post-holiday blues: 5 tips for getting back to work

Post-holiday blues: 5 tips for getting back to work
We all love being on holiday. Unfortunately, there comes a time when we have to go back to work, and it's hard to get back into the swing of things when it feels like we should still be on the beach. It's not always easy to pick up where you left off and organise your schedule. Luckily, Wizbii is here to help you go back to work in the right conditions and avoid a post-holiday breakdown! 

Monday morning wake up

It's hard to wake up at 7am on a Monday morning after two weeks of late nights and lie ins. We make the most of being on holiday and it's normal, but getting back into your normal routine isn't as easy as you might think. You need to take your time to get back into the swing of things and not rely on one morning alarm. Your coffee might be very strong but you'll regret it during your 8am meeting. back to work, post-holiday blues, organisation, office, work, productivity Our advice: it might sound a little old fashioned, but try to go to bed as early as possible; at least the night or even the week before you go back to work. By going to bed at normal times and getting at least 7 hours of sleep a night, your body will start to get back into a routine. As for nights out, there's always the weekend!

A little reminder

There's no point throwing yourself into the deep end as soon as you go back to work. Rushing into your tasks for the week ahead as though you need to finish them all in one day won't allow you to catch up on the two weeks you've missed. On the contrary, it's going to be difficult organising your work and schedule. Our advice: Remind yourself of everything you did just before setting off on holidays by listing your missions, tasks, and projects that were given to you during the two weeks before you left. This will help you remember where exactly you left off and how you should organise your work/prioritise your tasks. Pay attention to dates and deadlines. If a client is expecting to receive a file in September but it's not the last project you worked on, don't panic. It's now a priority and the rest can wait until later. This is only an example, but make a list of your most recent missions if you want to get back up to date on your workload.

Getting back into contact

Don't forget to get back in contact with your clients, partners and/or prospective clients to let know that you're back from your holidays. They will be delighted to know that you've had a rest and are on top form for taking care of them ;) On a more serious note, it will allow you to let them know that you are back (which shows good manners), but also to get back to business. back to work, post-holiday blues, organisation, office, work, productivity Don't hesitate to ask them the following questions:

♦ Have they been in contact with any of your colleagues during your absence?

♦ Did everything go okay?

♦ Do they have any questions/remarks concerning the current project?

♦ Can you help them in any way before continuing your work together?

These questions will help put everything in order and allow you to get up to date in order to continue efficiently.

Catch up with your colleagues

It's not all about work, you spend almost every day with your colleagues and, as with your clients, the least you can do is ask them how they are/what's been going on at work.

♦ What's been going on at work from a professional perspective?

♦ How are they?

♦ Did they have a good vacation?

♦ What are they currently working on?

♦ Are there any meetings planned?

back to work, post-holiday blues, organisation, office, work, productivity The atmosphere at work and the relationship you have with your colleagues are very important and shouldn't be neglected, especially after a two-week absence. You can answer all possible questions about where you went on holiday, what you did, who you went with, etc. (by the end it changes from a ten minute story to a simple "yeah, it was really good", as you try not to wish you were still there). But, at the end of the day, it's still nice to see the people you spend the majority of your time with.

Take regular breaks

You're convinced that you won't have any trouble getting back to long days sitting in the office, replying to emails and other tasks. However, after two hours of non-stop work, you'll soon realise that your brain has finally become used to a slower pace, to a time when the biggest challenge was choosing what book to read on a given day. Yes, holidays are made for having a break and cutting yourself off from work. And yes, some people manage to do this well. back to work, post-holiday blues, organisation, office, work, productivity Our advice: There's no point trying to pick up at the same rhythm as when you left as though there has been no interruption. Your body and mind will have trouble following suit, especially during the first few days. Taking breaks doesn't mean a drop in productivity, nor a waste of time - on the contrary! You're simply letting your brain know that you need to get used to working again, and for that you need to be focused. Breaks will help you avoid having a meltdown on your first day back and ease you back into things gently. They will also allow you to recap on what you have done and what you still need to do: therefore take a break after important tasks, before attacking something new. Taking regular breaks is important throughout the year, not only after holidays! Ready to get back to work? With this simple advice, everything should go according to plan! Don't forget to have a little talk with your manager about what you've missed to avoid feeling lost. Organise your work by listing your priorities and tasks that can be postponed. This will prevent you from trying to do everything straightaway and therefore losing more time than expected. Finally, to help you clear your head and find out what's been going on in your area of expertise, check out Wizbii! :)  wizbii