How to write the perfect cover letter & find a summer job!

How to write the perfect cover letter & find a summer job!
Summer is fast approaching and it's time to think about preparing your CV and cover letter if you want to be sure to find a summer job. But don't worry, we're here to give you some useful advice to help you write the dreaded cover letter. Don't forget, recruiters want to hire the most trustworthy and motivated candidates, who they feel will make a real contribution to the company. To your keyboards: on your marks, get set, go!   summer job, cover letter, cv, job, job application, student job

What are the characteristics of a good cover letter?

Be enthusiastic and motivated!

A good cover letter should reflect your enthusiasm for the job you are applying for (you should make it clear if you are replying to a job ad or simply letting a company know that your are available if they have any job opportunities). If this is the case, the letter should show the recruiter that even though they might not necessarily need any more employees, you would be an asset to their company. You know the real reason you are interested in this job, and so does the recruiter, but they definitely don't want to read that it's because you want to go on holidays with your friends - avoid talking about money!

summer job, cover letter, cv, job, job application, student job

Important points to cover

One of the most important points to talk about in your cover letter is your availability. Even though it's maybe not a good idea to mention that you want to go on holidays with your friends, it doesn't mean you should say "I'm available all summer". There are other ways of talking about your availability which are more appreciated by employers, for example "I am available on these dates..." stating your availability and if there's a period when you're not available or busy, if you have to do resits, for example...
Recruiters want to know everything so that they can choose the right person for the job.
You should talk about your ability to travel and any training or qualifications that could be useful for the job in question. If you have a driving licencefood hygiene certificate or are first aid qualified, make sure to include it in your cover letter. It's perhaps not a good idea to lie about being first aid qualified. If you have any previous work experience, make sure to talk about it! But watch out, don't copy your CV word for word, the recruiter will get bored from the repetition. However, you can explain that "thanks to this experience" you were able to "acquire" skills which transferable to the job you are applying for. summer job, cover letter, cv, job, job application, student job If you don't have any previous work experience (which is normal as this is perhaps your first job), but the jobs you're applying for require several years of experience in a specific area (it's a vicious circle...), highlight your strengths and skills to show the recruiter that you are capable of carrying out the job just as well as someone who does have previous experience. You can also think of situations where you have been able to put these skills to good use. Don't forget to mention your extra-curricular activities, if you've ever volunteered etc. The recruiter wants to see your determination: young, dynamic candidates are the most sought-after. Last but not least, pay special attention to your spelling. Perhaps you're not a grammar guru, but even the slightest spelling mistake could take away from your credibility. Re-read your work 5,000 times (at least!) and get someone you know to check over it!

Be yourself!

A cover letter should reflect your personality, so you can't just use any old template you find online. Get inspiration from other cover letters? Yes! Copy them? No! Recruiters read through stacks of cover letters and CVs every day, especially during peak times such as summer. They don't want to read the same thing with only a different name to distinguish it from the others. If you copy other templates, they will probably stop reading after a few lines. You could decide to send a creative cover letter to attract the recruiter's attention or, even better, make them smile. What's sure is that they will at least read it, simply because it's different from the others.
(You can find some ideas for creative CVs here!)
summer job, cover letter, cv, job, job application, student job

The email

If you're sending your application by email, you should write a few lines explaining why you are contacting them. This email can, at times, be more important than the cover letter itself for certain recruiters. It's the first thing they're going to read, so be careful! Write a clear email, 10 lines or so is more than enough. You can even add bullet points to make the recruiter's job easier. As with your cover letter, pay attention to spelling! Even though the email is slightly less formal, make sure you use the same, polite tone. You could even choose to skip writing a cover letter and write an email instead. This email should contain the same information as a cover letter would.  summer job, cover letter, cv, job, job application, student job

Other important points to bear in mind...

A summer job will usually take the form of a short-term contact and can last anything from a few weeks to a few months. Remember, you should receive the minimum wage which as of April 2016 stands at £5.30 for 18-20 year olds and £6.70 for 21-24 year olds. Watch out! If you start working before your contract is signed, it's at your own risk.

What sectors are most likely to offer summer jobs?

It's nice to dream, but it's unlikely that you will manage to get a summer job in line with your studies (unless you have an amazing network). Most summer jobs can be found in hospitality and retail, in shops such as Zara, H& M, Mango and supermarkets such as Spar, Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda. summer job, cover letter, cv, job, job application, student job Are you ready to try something new? In any case, you now know how to write the perfect cover letter and can apply for summer jobs. Find thousands of jobs, internships and placement in a few simple clicks on Wizbii find job or internship wizbii