Make sport work for your CV

Make sport work for your CV
Sports teams at university – whether you’re in one or you’ve simply heard of one, you know they’re there and that there is a seemingly endless stream of them. From acrobatics to Quidditch, getting involved in a sport while at uni can be a great way to keep fit, meet people and to have a welcome distraction from your studies. However, more often than not sports teams can provide several opportunities to boost your CV. Read on as we outline a few ways getting stuck in can help you in the long run…

1. Leadership Positions

It should come as no surprise that one of the most beneficial aspects of being on a sports team is the availability of leadership positions. Evidence of leadership is never a bad thing to have in an interview, so making use of those available is surely a no-brainer. Teams will usually have a wide range of committee roles which need filling each year – especially the main roles such as president, treasurer and the various secretaries. Alongside the usual committee positions, opportunities may arise elsewhere – for example if somebody is needed to sub in for the captain at the last minute! leadership, sport, boost your CV, hobbies, job interview, student, graduate, career, sports team

2. Organise events

Following on from the previous point, sometimes sports committees will run specific events throughout the year. For example, your athletics team might hold a national relay event, of which one committee member (or a team) is responsible for. Volunteering to organise and run these events, while it can be daunting, can be an incredible thing to do. Organising such an event can train you in time management, communication and in keeping a level head. Plus, if it’s a yearly event, you can always ask the person responsible for last year’s event for some advice! sports events, leadership, sport, boost your CV, hobbies, job interview, student, graduate, career, sports team On a similar note, if your sports team doesn’t run any sort of events, why don’t you volunteer to set one up? A charity varsity match for example can be both a money raiser and an amazing thing to put on your CV! If you’re not a member of a sports team, but still fancy this, why not approach some teams and pitch your idea?

3. Set targets – and achieve them

If you’re not part of a sports team (don’t worry, I wasn’t either), don’t write off this article just yet! You can still feel the benefits of sports without joining a team, by choosing a challenge and sticking with it. For example, taking part in a 10km run without having run before. Firstly, you choose to do it, that’s your challenge. Then, you set yourself an achievable training schedule and you stick to it. Finally, you smash the 10k! You’ve set yourself a target, trained for it and achieved it, hereby giving you something to put on your CV that shows evidence of determination the willingness to complete a task. targets, leadership, sport, boost your CV, hobbies, job interview, student, graduate, career, sports team You could also go one better and organise a team of your friends and colleagues to complete the same challenge as yourself. That way, you’ll have a support network which can help each other through the training and it’s also evidence of intuitiveness and managing a team towards a goal!

4. Look beyond the traditional

If traditional sports and challenges aren’t your thing, don’t worry! In recent years, more and more alternative sports are appearing on university campus. We’ve already mentioned Quidditch, but what about eSports as another example? eSports has grown so much in recent years that there is now a university-wide league (NUEL) for tournaments and matches. Some universities are now putting on their own tournaments, such as Manchester’s King of the North festival. These require a large amount of organisation and sometimes a different skill set when compared to traditional sporting events. Getting involved in these could provide your CV with tangible evidence of all sorts of experience. esports, leadership, sport, boost your CV, hobbies, job interview, student, graduate, career, sports team So, getting involved in a sporting challenge or taking on a higher role in your team could be the boost your CV needs, particularly in an interview situation. So what are you waiting for – get your kit on! find job or internship wizbii