10 Romantic Startups We've Fallen For This Valentine's Day

10 Romantic Startups We've Fallen For This Valentine's Day
Aaaahhh Valentine's Day! The time of the year for couples, roses, chocolates: a marketer's paradise. We don't talk about it for 11 months, then suddenly everyone is obsessed: window displays, signs, department stores, social networks... little red hearts and Cupids everywhere! However, for certain people love is a serious business, a market they couldn't exist without. Yes, of course, there are chocolate shops and florists, but also certain startups whose business revolves around couples and love, and not only on Valentine's Day! Wizbii has chosen 10 innovators from across Europe, who have something to offer for everyone! 

Single, in a relationship, fiancé, there's a startup to suit everyone!

Single: Dating startups


At one point or another, we've all met eyes with a good-looking stranger, wishing they would turn around and start a conversation as if it was no big deal. Unfortunately, shyness often prevents this type of scenario from happening (and no, encounters like in "The Vow" don't happen in real life). Luckily for us, French startup Happn has resolved this "problem" thanks to an app which allows you to find people you've encountered and would like to find. The days of signing up for dating websites in the quest of finding the perfect man or woman and mysterious dates at Starbucks are over, meeting people can now take place in real life (really?!), with no risk of never seeing them again. All you have to do is keep an eye out and make sure you smile at that charming stranger! start-up, romantic startups, happn, valentine's day, dating, love, soul mate, entrepreneurs


Forget old-fashioned traditions, women are more and more likely to make the first move when it comes to dating.  There's now an app that can help you make the first step towards connecting with that person you have your eye on: the Italian startup Bumble, a newcomer in the "love" market. If two people like each other, they can add each other to their mutual circle and the woman has to start a conversation within 2 hours so that the connection doesn't get lost. What better way to break the ice quickly without having to wait around to see who makes the first move! start-up, romantic startups, happn, valentine's day, dating, love, soul mate, entrepreneurs, bumble


Have you ever thought that the best way to find love would be to go out... in a group? No more awkward, drawn-out one-on-one dates, the new way of going out is in numbers! What better than an evening out in a bar sipping a cocktail to meet new people? The French startup Smeeters  organises everything for you, by proposing a group of friends they think you'd like to meet based on your criteria, whose identity remains secret until the big day! Smeeters meetups are organised in a bar and the first drink is on the startup! What have your friends got planned for Valentine's day? Maybe they'd be up for a group night out? start-up, romantic startups, valentine's day, dating, love, soul mate, entrepreneurs, smeeter

In a relationship: the startups to make sure your love lasts


The little French startup, Weromantique proposes weekends away for couples at great prices.  This startup is far from rose petals and all the other soppy clichés normally associated with Valentine's Day! For romantics who want to avoid clichés, Weromantique's weekends away promise unforgettable moments to share with your other half. And guess what? This year Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday! A little romantic getaway sounds like a good idea! start-up, romantic startups, little riot, valentine's day, dating, love, soul mate, entrepreneurs

Little Riot

Isn't it nice to fall asleep in your partner's arms after a long, hard day at work? But not all couples are so lucky: not all couples live together and some even have to endure long-distance relationships. Fortunately, more and more ways of keeping the flame alive are becoming available. Those who say "Out of sight out of mind" obviously haven't lived in the 21st century, especially now that it's possible to hear your other half's heartbeat, no matter where you are in the world! An electronic bracelet and an app are all you need, and it's the London-based startup Little Riot who have come up with the idea. This little gadget called Pillowtalk allows couples to stay connected wherever no matter how far apart in the world they are by being able to hear and feel their partner’s heartbeat thanks to the speaker under their pillow. Staying connected thanks to instant messaging is good, but feeling connected is even better! start-up, romantic startups, Wanderio, valentine's day, dating, love, soul mate, entrepreneurs

Happy Couple

This startup is for you if you and your partner love board games, fun apps and challenges. If one day you begin to wonder what they prefer eating for breakfast or what their favourite cultural outing is, would you know the answer? There's only one way to find out: both of you create an account on Happy Couple, an app dedicated to couples, to play and win points, while at the same time strengthening your relationship. Questions on Louis XVI and America are out-dated, why not try more personal questions to spice up conversations with your partner. start-up, romantic startups, happy couple, valentine's day, dating, love, soul mate, entrepreneurs


A cosy little hideaway for two, no matter where you are and on your phone, sounds good doesn't it? If you haven't already heard about Couple, get signed up straight away. Couple is without a doubt THE mobile app for couples, allowing you to preserve each memory and stay connected in the same way as an instant messengers like Whatsapp. Be organised, follow your daily News Feed, share each moment as if you were together, in drawings, in photos... Thanks to this app, relationships take place in real time, capturing every moment of your relationship. couple

Future husband and wife: The startups to help you achieve the most beautiful day of your lives


So it's decided, you're making the leap, the step that will mark the beginning of the rest of your lives together as a couple, the day when you will say "I do" to your Valentine: marriage! You're impatient, excited, you can think about nothing apart from this wonderful day, but at the same time you can't help worrying about certain things: the budget, presents, invites... so many things to think about. Perhaps you've heard about the startup Wedzem?  In terms of wedding planning, this fresh French startup is sure to surprise you! Forget pointless spending, this wedding planning platform allows your guests to put money towards one of your lists: dress, caterer, photographer... start-up, romantic startups, wedzem, valentine's day, dating, love, soul mate, entrepreneurs  

Marry Click

Speaking of weddings and photographers, getting pretty photos to remember this unforgettable moment can often be very expensive. However, each problem has it's solution, and that includes weddings. The Italian startup Marry Click offers you the possibility to find the best photographer in the same way as a recruiter looks for the perfect employee. Post your ad with the details of your wedding (where, when, how many guests, style...), take a look at applicants' profiles (profile, photos, comments) and hire the best photographer for the budget YOU have decided upon. Less expensive, the Marry Click system makes finding a photographer easier with the possibility of leaving a review once the wedding is over. start-up, romantic startups, marry click, valentine's day, dating, love, soul mate, entrepreneurs

Lets get Weddy

If you prefer to the "do it yourself" approach and would like to save money on flowers, the dress and all the rest, you should look into English startup Let's get weddy. Thanks to its service, you can find suppliers and create a tailored wedding, all whilst saving money. Listed by category, city and budget, partners can be contacted directly via the site and are rated by users so that you won't get any nasty surprises. start-up, romantic startups, let's get weddy, valentine's day, dating, love, soul mate, entrepreneurs

Special Bonus: A startup for long-distance relationships

Wanderio - Alcitour

Your other half is away on Erasmus, a little too far away for your taste. Despite all the different ways of staying connected, you're still afraid that they might cheat on you. Drawing inspiration from this dilemma, the Italian startup Wanderio has put in place an innovative and fun system called Alcitour, allowing you to calculate your probability of being replaced by someone else (also called "being a moose" in Italian, to help you understand the photo below) In eight quick and easy steps, Alcitour calculates your risk of being cheated on and offers you an immediate reduction on your journey to visit your partner. Obviously it's not something you should take to heart, but the idea has been successful in Italy (to the happiness of couples, or not!), and it should soon be available in other European countries. start-up, romantic startups, Alcitour, valentine's day, dating, love, soul mate, entrepreneurs   So then, will it be a date, a romantic getaway or an engagement ring? ;) We hope these startups have put a smile on your face this Valentine's Day and we that you all have a wonderful day!