The UK's Most Innovative Up-And-Coming Food & Drink Startups

The UK's Most Innovative Up-And-Coming Food & Drink Startups

The Daily Wiz team decided to select six of the most innovative up-and-coming startups in the food and drinks industry to celebrate our love of all things food, drink and startup!

1. Too Good To Go - Eat well. Save Money. Save the planet.

too-good-to-go The Too Good To Go app is raising awareness of food waste by making surplus restaurant food available for collection before a restaurant closes its breakfast, lunch or dinner service. Simply download the App and order from restaurants, cafes and bakeries near you, head off to collect your food in the designated time window, show your order confirmation, grab your food and enjoy!

2. Smith & Sinclair's Immersive Edible Alcohol Shop

smith&sinclair montage 2 As seen on Crowdfunder Smith & Sinclair's Immersive Edible Alcohol Shop has taken elements of elegant cocktails and combined them with confectionery to introduce the world's first Immersive Edible Alcohol Shop. The store will allow you to smell, eat, touch or catch your cocktail.

3. UBREW - an open brewery where you brew the beer

ubrew As seen on Crowdfunder Brew better beer than the pub, for cheaper than what you’d pay in the pub - and have more fun doing it. With UBREW, you can spend an afternoon getting to grips with the art of brewing "really, really good beer with our really, really good gear" under the guidance of a brewing expert. Join with friends to save money and get unlimited access.

4. Vin2o - Great wine that helps to fund clean water


As seen on Crowdfunder Every bottle of Vin2o wine helps to fund safe, clean water for people who desperately need it. Vin2o works with smaller producers, who are passionate about wine-making and look after the environment to create great wine. 100% of Vin2o's profits are used for clean water projects.

5. Tribe - The UK's running community & healthy subscription snack service

tribe Tribe is a running community offering a healthy subscription snack service tailored to your needs. Tribe's products contain no refined sugars, sulphites,  are wholefood-based, GM-free, organic, and dairy-free. Tribe Pack boxes come with five snacks from four main groups; organic fruit, protein seed mixes, antioxidant power, and a typical trail mix.

6. Wriggle - Discover the best local food & drink establishments, with the helping hand of exclusive savings

wriggle Wriggle allows you to discover the best local restaurants and cafes, and access exclusive offers. Tap into a daily selection of on-the-day restaurant deals in Bristol, London and Brighton. With the Wriggle app, you can pick something that tickles your fancy, pay via the app and receive a unique code. Next, head to the venue in the window of opportunity, present your Wriggle code and enjoy! Do you know of any other innovative food and drinks startups in the UK or abroad? If you do, we'd love to hear about them in the comments section! Don't forget, if you have a business idea you'd like to test out, you can add your project to Wizbii for free.  wizbii