7 tips to help you optimise your time and add hours to your day

7 tips to help you optimise your time and add hours to your day
Nowadays it feels as though we have more to do than ever: years seem to pass more quickly, days are shorter and the hours fly by. It's easy to have the impression that we don't have enough time to do what we need, but thanks to these 7 tips you can optimise your time, become more productive and even have time to rest, relax and have more time to yourself. We decided to take some advice from self-help and leadership author, Robin Sharmer. He shares 17 tactics to help you double your productivity in 14 days. Which one do you prefer?

Article by Laura Sánchez Ríos

Get up earlier

más-temprano The early bird catches the worm. If you feel as though you don't have enough "you time", find the solution to this problem by waking up earlier, enjoying yourself, making a good breakfast or reading about something you like before starting your daily routine. Even just taking in some fresh air every morning can help keep you inspired throughout the day.

30 minutes of exercise

Haz-ejercicio Start your day with at least 30 minutes of exercise. You don't have to join a gym or sports club, you can simply change your routine. On your way to work, for example, avoid taking public transport and cycle, roller blade, skateboard or even just walk. You will notice that your brain will become more creative thanks to this change in routine and increase of oxygen.

Plan your day

planificar-tu-día Whether it's 10 minutes before you start your routine or every Monday morning, the choice is yours. A plan relieves you from the torment of choice (according to Novelist Saul Bellow). It also restores focus and gives you more energy. Organising your daily tasks will result in mental clarity, therefore helping you become more productive.

The 90-minute law

It's best to work for a maximum of 90 minutes. It's scientifically proven that you are less productive if you work any longer, as you will start to get tired, your brain will wander and it will therefore be much harder to concentrate and work efficiently. Work in blocks of time.

Stay silent

When you talk, make sure that your words are better than silence. Avoid gossip and speaking ill of others as it only wastes time and energy. Don't fill yourself with hate and bitterness. Relax-you


Try to disconnect from all types of technology for at least one hour a day: TV, music, internet, EVERYTHING. This will help you concentrate on what you're doing, without being tempted to look at updates on social networks. You will see how other tasks take much less time that you might have expected. When you leave work or finish studying in the library, don't forget to turn off notifications on your phone. It's not a good idea to take work home. Statistics say that workers are interrupted every 11 minutes, and distractions kill productivity. Learn how to protect your time and say no to interruptions.

A day to yourself

Tiempo-para-ti Dedicate one day a week to yourself. You need a day to completely recover, refuel and regenerate. This means no emails, no phone calls and absolutely no work. A full recovery one day a week is necessary, otherwise your energy and abilities will start to run out. Conclusion: You are the master of your time, only you can decide if you want to make the most of it or waste it. Stay productive and make your work shine. What about you, do have any other ideas for making the most of your time? If you enjoyed this article, you should check out the article: 4 habits damaging your productivity!