Festival time: Survival tips, accessories and the best apps!

Festival time: Survival tips, accessories and the best apps!
Summer is here and we won't let the rain get us down. Good luck to anyone braving the mud and floods at Glastonbury this weekend! Whether this is the first time you're going to a festival or not, these tips and tricks could help make your festival experience a lot more pleasant. (Watch out, we didn't say we could help you avoid all difficulties you might encounter, but almost!). It's time to get organised!  It's probably easiest to share your tent with someone. Even if you're probably not going to sleep in your tent... we don't judge! Apart from the essentials like sun cream, sunglasses and a hat to avoid getting sunstroke (haha!) don't forget to bring clothes to protect you from the rain. An old anorak or a roll up rain coat is what you need - it's not exactly glamourous, but it will prevent you from getting pneumonia! festival, poncho, rain, mud, music festival, crowd, best apps, music Don't forget about about hygiene products, there's nothing worse than the putrid smell emanating off your body after several days at a festival. Managing to find somewhere to scrub yourself clean is difficult, so be prepared and bring baby wipes, deodorant, loo roll (strolling around with a loo roll probably wasn't the look you were hoping to go for, but need's must...). In order to avoid picking up any sort of fungal or bacterial infections, we would also advise you to bring some antibacterial hand gel to stay clean and germ-free at all times!

Festival tips and tricks

We don't mention them often and yet they can literally save your life at a festival... Mobile battery chargers! Of course, how could you forget? [Attention anecdote]: my first festival, no battery left on my phone, my friend lost in a whole somewhere... PANIC! I luckily found a friend who kindly lent me his phone for a few minutes. I felt a little silly at time... what a novice... The next festival essential is one for the ladies. The name: GoGirl (of course there are many variants). Have you always wondered what it would be like to pee standing up, like the boys? Your dreams have been answered! This genius inventions,  although perhaps slightly disgusting and pretty difficult to use for the first time, can help you avoid hours of waiting in a queue for the port-a-loos, which are so revolting we won't even get started on that subject. Many festivals have already come up with the idea of selling you of of these devices in card (disposable) or plastic (you'll need to find somewhere to wash it...) The only drawback: finding somewhere deserted to actually use it... but friends are also there to hide you! [caption id="attachment_23753" align="aligncenter" width="588"]festival, poncho, rain, mud, music festival, crowd, best apps, music, pee standing up Finally we can show off and pee standing up![/caption]

Apps that could save your life!

Nowadays, most festivals have their own mobile apps, often developed by Greencopper: a mobile app developer for music festivals including Bestival and Sziget. These apps allow you to check the lineup, find places to eat, your favourite artist, assembly points, etc. They also give you the option of listening to your favourite artists via "radios" which are often associated with Deezer. Festival Buddy is another mobile app that allows you to find your friends and even your tent using GPS! You can add other locations and the app will direct you back to them using a compass like needle. Find My Friends is another great option available for iOS.

Festivals that will make you move:

We've made a list of our top 5 festivals in the UK and their headliners, so you can put all these tips to good use:
  1. Glastonbury Festival: Muse, Adele, Coldplay
  2. Latitude Festival: The Maccabees, The National, New Order
  3. Reading Festival: Foals, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Biffy Clyro
  4. The Secret Garden Party: Caribou, Air, Maribou State
  5. T in the Park: The Stone Roses, Calvin Harris, RHCP
  There you go! Now that all that's out of the way, it's time to have the time of your life. You will definitely encounter some other difficulties, but it doesn't matter because they usually make the best memories!  Article by Lucille Joffre Image © Golden Moustache