Embarrassing interview situations (and how to avoid them!)

Embarrassing interview situations (and how to avoid them!)
There are some things we’d rather forget about, but at times the only way to get over embarrassing situations is to share them with others and laugh, because laughing is always better than crying. Why is it that when we are in really important situations, like job interviews, we seem to say the wrong thing, or weird things that even we don’t understand? We asked some of you what the most embarrassing thing you'd ever said or done at a job interview was, and we weren't disappointed. Not only do we want to give you a laugh and reassure you that you’re not alone, we also wanted to give you some tips to make sure you avoid mistakes that could cost you the job. Here are some real stories and advice to help you avoid these kinds of awkward situations:

“I threw up” 

I went to an interview for a weekend job when I was still in sixth form. I'd had food poisoning a few days before but I thought it was over, I just felt quite tired. The supervisor was in the middle of a question and I just felt my stomach churn. I interrupted him and put my hand to my mouth, so it couldn't have been been more obvious and I jumped up and ran out to the toilet. Then I walked back in, apologised and continued! He was really nice about it and I still got the job. - Sophie
Advice for avoiding If you haven't been feeling well, be honest with the employer. Explain your situation and they might be willing to give you another interview date if you explain how motivated you are and how disappointed you are that you can't make it.

 "I lied"

I went for an interview about 2 weeks ago and during it I said I'd travelled around Eastern Europe - I have literally no idea why I said it, it just came out of my mouth and then I couldn't take it back. The interviewer said he had also travelled around Eastern Europe and asked where I had been to. I had a complete mind blank and couldn't think of a single country for about 30 seconds, then just came out with "Ukraine" and said I had spent 4 weeks in Kiev, then couldn't think of a single other country. I was so so embarrassed - safe to say I didn't get the job. -  Emma
Advice for avoiding  Everyone agrees that it's okay to exaggerate a to a certain extent during job interviews, but be careful. If you lie, it's easy to get caught out and even if you are chosen for the job, as it will be obvious straightaway if you lied about having certain skills. Employers also say that one of the major factors that puts them off hiring a candidate is when they are lost for words - instead of sitting there in silence, try to talk your way through your thought process.

“They forgot about me…”

I had a group interview at a well-known technology company with four other people and we were sent off with an employee who was supposed to conduct an individual interview with us. My interviewer didn’t seem very keen and “forgot about me” - I sat for an hour and a half on chair in the corner of an empty office. Finally someone noticed me, asked what I was doing there and sent me to see the interviewer from the group interview. Embarrassing, but I still managed to get hired! - Michael
 Advice for avoiding There's not really any way of avoiding this one, but if it does happen, wait for an hour before you say anything (or you could look impatient). Once an hour has passed, politely inquire if anyone know when you might be seen - there's not point waiting all day for nothing.

“My interview ended at 3 am”

I went for an interview at 4 pm and ended up going out with the other employees to celebrate a big contract they’d just signed. I threw up in front of them all outside a nightclub at 3 am, but somehow still managed to get the job. - Jack
Advice for avoiding Showing employers that you are sociable could help make a good impression, but don't overdo it. If you're invited out for drinks with your (potential) future colleagues, be careful - it could go one of two ways: you might seem like a fun person to work with or they could lose respect for you. It's perhaps better to wait until you've got the job and know them a little better before getting yourself into this type of situation.

“My dress came down…”

I wore a strapless bandeau dress with a cardigan and when I took off my coat and sat down, the interviewer just looked at me really bizarrely and sort of glanced at my chest, I just thought he was a bit weird. We then talked for 10 minutes or so before he had to leave to get something from another room. I was just looking around and looked down to rearrange my outfit and saw that my whole bra was on display. I pulled it up and when he walked back in, he looked so relieved! - Sarah rita ora embarrassed Advice for avoiding It’s important that you look great in your interview outfit, but ensure it’s suitable for the occasion. Check with your friends and family and ask for their honest opinion. If it's a hot day, check that whatever you're wearing underneath your jacket is suitable. Use perfume sparingly and check yourself in the mirror beforehand to ensure you don’t have lipstick or food on your teeth. You want the interviewer to remember you, but not for the wrong reasons. miroir, entretien d'embauche, genant, robe, glisse, interview, embarrassant, candidat, recruteur

“I rang the wrong number”

I had just been offered a part-time job and had another interview the same day, so thought I might as well go. I ended up running a little late so rang to excuse myself. I accidentally called the wrong number – it was the company who had just given me the part-time job, and didn’t understand how I could be running late if I’d already had my interview. I tried to explain but it was too late – they rang me a few hours later to say they'd changed their mind. - Maria
Advice for avoiding Save and write down the numbers and names of  employers to avoid confusion! Make sure you know exactly who the company is before calling them back as getting them mixed up will not only cause offense, but also make you look disorganised and  unprofessional, qualities which are very unlikely to improve your chances of getting the job The moral of the story seems to be that even embarrassing situations don't necessarily mean you won't get the job! We hope this article not only made you laugh, but will also give you some helpful reminders about what not to do during your next job interview! And what about you, what’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you in a job interview? We’d love to hear your embarrassing stories in the comments section! Don't forget to sign up on Wizbii to find the job of your dreams ;) find job or internship wizbii