Are business cards a thing of the past?

Are business cards a thing of the past?
Business cards have become an indispensable tool in the professional world. Name, company, logo, telephone number, address, website... a small, rectangular card that slides perfectly into your pocket or wallet, sums up your whole identity and can be very useful! However, with the digital revolution, we can find almost anyone online. Has the traditional business card's time come and gone? 

Business cards, why do you need one?

If business cards have been used so much in the past and are still used nowadays, there must be a reason why! Whether you're looking for a job, starting a business or employed, they have a place at cocktail evenings, forums, meetings or even nights out with friends. But... why?

It's a classic

Traditional business cards are a true benchmark in the professional world. Have you ever seen a company without a business card? Me neither.

They allow you to leave a mark behind

Since the dawn of time, we have wanted to leave something behind for others to remember us by: from painting to selfies, we like to show that we were at a certain place, at a certain time. Business cards allow us to leave a lasting impression in someone's memory (or pocket). business card, new technology, entrepreneur

It summarises your identity

Business cards are, in a way, your company's image. It summarises its identity. As soon as a prospective client sees it, they already know who they're doing business with. A good business card will hold key information about you and your company: logo, contact telephone number, address, fax, website. Perfect for contacting you easily!

It makes you look important

When you have a business card, you are somebody! Not just a name mentioned in the middle of a conversation full of information. Whoever it is  you are talking to now knows that you are Mr or Mrs X, who works at X, in Sales, Head of Human Resources or even as a Social Media Manager. You shouldn't neglect your status! business card, new technology, entrepreneur

It's practical

No matter where you're going, you can easily take this little piece of card and offer it to whoever you meet. You definitely won't be weighing down the person you give it to!

It allows you to establish physical contact

The internet is a virtual means of communication and, therefore, does not allow you to establish physical contact with the person you are dealing with. With a business card it's the exact opposite, you can physically give them out. business card, new technology, entrepreneur

Business card VS new technology: who wins?

So then, the virtual business card or the traditional kind? The answer: both! business card, new technology, entrepreneur Despite new technology, particularly the internet, the business card market is growing. Surprising, isn't it? An increase of over 20% between 2013-2015! Parallel to this phenomenon, we can observe a boom in "new generation business cards" (or business card 2.0). More and more professionals are using digital supports due to their incontestable efficiency. It is possible to reach a much larger audience using a website or an app. Startups have perfectly understood, and many have gotten into the business card 2.0 market: ♦ The startup Haystack,which is available in the U.S, Canada and the UK, allows you to not only create your own digital business card, and also scan and store the business cards you receive from others. Instead of trying to compete against traditional business cards, the app allows you to slowly transition into the world of digital business cards by allowing you to take photos of traditional business cards which can then be uploaded and stored. business card, new technology, entrepreneur So, no winners in this contest, or at least yes: two winners! You've understood, business cards say "classic" and are a must-have in the professional world, it's like a shirt: it never goes out of fashion! However, it's necessary to adapt to the times if you don't want to miss out on great opportunities, so don't forgot alternative digital solutions. Conclusion, be present everywhere! wizbii