How To Budget Travel Successfully

How To Budget Travel Successfully

Jet Set, Go! Make Sure You’ve Booked a Flight to Fit Your Budget

No matter if it’s regarding the dates you’re travelling or the cities you’re going to; flexibility is a great way to take advantage of the best travel deals available. StudentUniverse allows you to compare flights and accommodation helping you ensure you get the best deal. Booking your flights in late May and late August are your best bets for that summer vaycay as prices tend to be slighter lower than at peak times. Though the early bird sometimes gets the worm; booking eight to ten week before your ideal departure opens you up to the seats airlines are looking to give away.

Research Rail, Coach, Cruise and Ferry Deals

If your looking for the ultimate budgeting alternative to flying why not try InterRailing through Europe. This is one way to travel for less yet experience all that Europe has to offer from the comfort of your seat. You can sit back and relax whilst the train takes you from one destination to the next. Therefore; it is essential that you grab yourself an InterRail pass as you’ll be able to have the ideal holiday on a low budget. For affordable coach deals check out the Greyhound bus providers in the United States, if you're looking to explore this great city for a fraction of the price of flying. interail, travel, travel on a budget, student travel, holidays, vacation, student vacation

Think Hostel

Most students don’t mind where their head falls just as long as it’s cheap and comfortable so you don’t have to spend huge bucks to get a well-rested sleep. Staying in small, owner-operated lodges are more useful to student living than staying in a high-end corporate safari company’s lodge. At StudentUniverse we have a variety of hotels and hostels to suit your needs and your budget to ensure you can make this one student adventure you won’t forget. interail, travel, travel on a budget, student travel, holidays, vacation, student vacation

Work Whilst You Travel

If you’re looking to go travelling but are worried your funds may not stretch far enough then you should consider working abroad. There are plenty of opportunities out there just as long as you’re not picky. You have to remember that you are not starting a career yet and are just looking for a way to earn money for your travels. Most jobs don’t require advanced degrees or a lot of work experience; roles such as bartending, cruise ship worker or season work can be found on BUNAC, Alliances Abroad or Wizbii. Whatever the role, you’re bound to find something. The most important thing about working aboard is discovering yourself and meeting new people that you may see again on your travels. savings, budget, piggy bank, travel, travel on a budget, student travel, holidays, vacation, student vacation

Stick To Your Budget

Lastly, make a budget and stick to it. Making a budget is probably one of the best things you can do to save money. Knowing how much you have to spend and staying within those limits is a fantastic skill, and it comes in extra hand when saving for your dream holiday. This blog was provided by StudentUniverse, the world's leading travel booking site offering exclusive discounts for students and youth.