Writing a CV: Which fonts should you use?

Writing a CV: Which fonts should you use?
A while back, we shared an article giving advice about the best colours to use for your CV depending on your job sector. Today, we are delighted to welcome Pauline Lahary, founder of Mycvfactory (for creative CVs) who shares which fonts you should use for your CV. When writing your CV, it is important to pay attention to what font you should use as it can have a big impact on the presentation of the document and also makes a first impression on recruiters reading your CV. We will quickly mention the classic fonts, before moving on to the fonts that can really make a difference! pauline lahary

Classic fonts: For the content of your CV!


The font Helvetica is always a safe move for your CV. It isn't risky and will give applicants the image of being a perfectionist, someone who is efficient. It is a font that inspires professionalism and honesty. Helvetica suits young graduates and candidates in the high-tech sector perfectly. A great variant of Helvetica is: Helvetica Neue LT Pro, which we highly recommend. Example, Artistic CV, the first name is written using this font:   cv, model, template, mycvfactory, artist, original cv


This font is easy to read and looks like handwritten text, which suits experienced candidates or those working in literature perfectly. Garamond has the unique feature of always showing the eye where to read next.

Times New Roman

This is the default font in Word and is very well-known. However, it's a little over-used nowadays and slightly old-fashioned. We don't recommend this font - its day has come and gone.

Arial and Verdana

The fonts Arial and Verdana are considered neutral, as they don't give any particular indication about the candidate's personality. This makes them default fonts, just like Times New Roman.  Using Arial or Verdana can give two impressions to the recruiter: — the candidate hasn't put any effort into the presentation of their CV
  • the candidate has only concentrated on the content of their CV


This is our favourite font for CV content. We love this font no matter how it's presented: regular, light or bold. It's a great all-rounder and really stands out from other, more commonly-used fonts. Example the Classic CV   

modele-cv-word-mycvfactory-cv étudiant

Fonts that make the difference: For titles and other details 

Bebas Neue

This is a fresh and creative font. Frill-free and minimalist, it highlights the titles in your CV. Completely in capitals. This original CV uses this font:   modeles-de-cv-original-mycvfactory-cv accessible

Raleway OTF

This is a stylish, "top end" font, that uses big letters and has a feminine allure. It suits candidates applying for jobs in fashion, sales and other similar industries. This sales CV uses this font:   cv-assistante-mycvfactory-cv étudiant jeune diplômé

Century Gothic

A perfectly elegant font, as suitable for content as is it for titles. The vowels are pretty, and playing around with the spacing between letters can add a subtle aspect to your CV. Example: this modern CV : aide-redaction-cv-mycvfactory-concentré-cv jeune

Haettenschweiler (OTF)

A very popular font at the moment, this is a font for the I.T. sector. The shape of the letters is very original, and we recommend using it when applying for jobs in the I.T., finance or banking sector. Example CV: Modèle de CV - Le Coopératif  


This is one of our favourites. This feminine font has a handwritten look and should be used sparingly as its originality makes it stand out. Example: the Digital CV cv-etudiant-mycvfactory-digital-cv

Lobster 1.3

Exceptionally pretty, this font makes us feel hungry as it resembles fonts often used in the food industry! Example: the communication CV   cv-cuisine-mycvfactory-frenchy-cv francais

Rage Italic

We adore this one: a mixture of femininity and professionalism. Ideal for first names and signatures. Example: the Estate Agent CV cv-agent-immobilier-mycvfactory-immobilier-0 In the same handwritten style, we love:

A&S Speedway

Example: The Painter CV: cv-original-mycvfactory-peintre-0  

Capistrano BF

Example: The student CV: cv-original-presentation-mycvfactory-philosophe-0


It is extremely important not to mix and match fonts on your CV. You must choose one and stick to it in order make it easy to read for the recruiter. Bold and italics are to be used sparingly. It is equally important not to use a font larger than 12 and to avoid using capital letters. Maximum: 3 fonts for one CV. Any more and it becomes illegible and confusing. It is therefore possible to transmit a message about your personality to recruiters thanks to the wise choice of fonts on your CV.
> Find all these fonts by clicking here, we've grouped them together for you!
Article written by Pauline Lahary, from Mycvfactory my cv factory cv etudiant Mycvfactory offers tailor-made CVs, as well as modern CVs which are available to download to help you for your job search. Get yourself onto www.mycvfactory.com to find out more.