Beat procrastination in 10 easy steps!

Beat procrastination in 10 easy steps!

Have you ever heard the saying "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today"? If you have, you've probably also heard the saying "it's easier said than done". Every morning we say to ourselves "I need to work, but just before I get started I'll have a quick look at Facebook/Instagram/Twitter to check what's going on, then I'll have a coffee and get stuck in". It's often common that you'll be about to start something important and you say "I'll just play one game of solitaire to unwind, watch one episode to take my mind off thing or go for a walk to clear my head, what I have to do is so boring, so right now I'll do something more enjoyable". In the end, we find excuse after excuse and never actually get around to starting or finishing whatever it that we have to do. 

This, ladies and gentlemen, is called procrastination, the number one enemy of productivity. In this post, you can find the best techniques to beat this powerful enemy. Some work better than others depending on your character, you can let me know which work best for you. Let's help humanity to beat procrastination for good!

"Putting off an easy thing makes it hard"

-George Claude Lorimer-

Nº1: The two minute rule

Don't plan to do something that can be done in less than 2 minutes. Instead of planning for it, just do it.

Nº2: A 5 minute step

When you have a difficult task to carry out, plan to work on it for only 5 minutes a day, you will notice how this will quickly turn into 15 or 30 minutes. :)

Nº3: A diary

Use a diary to jot down important tasks you need to carry out each day to help you monitor the progression of your objectives.


Nº4: Learn to say "No"

"No" is also an answer. Don't burden yourself with commitments you know aren't possible. You can say no using a nice tone of voice, of course. ;)


Nº5: Use Stephen Covey's matrix

Classify your tasks as: Important, Urgent, Not important and Not urgent, as shown in the image below, and follow the advice.


Nº6: Manage your energy

Get enough rest and take control of your lifestyle and habits. A healthy body means a healthy and productive mind.


Nº7: Use the Seinfeld Strategy

In your calendar, mark a big red X every time you carry out the important task you're working on. The objective: keep the chain of X's going, no matter what.


Nº8: Reward yourself

Offer yourself a present every time you complete an important task.

 Nº9: Have fun

Find way to make working fun.

Nº10: Say no to distractions

No mobile, zero notifications; internet access off. Disconnect and you will see how much more productive you are.

We hope that with these 10 steps will help you defeat our common enemy: procrastination. According to experts, procrastination is a complex behavioural disorder affecting all of us, to certain extents. We hope that with these techniques you can beat procrastinations and become more productive with your work. And talking about work, don't forget to check out Wizbii to find thousands of jobs tailored to your needs.  

Good luck!

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Article translated by Cherie Gamble