AppyParking: The startup making parking an 'appier experience

AppyParking: The startup making parking an 'appier experience
Today the Daily Wiz team interview Dan Hubert, a promising young entrepreneur and CEO of AppyParking, the app helping drivers in the UK's biggest cities park quickly and easily. Find out more about the startup and its future, plus useful tips for other young entrepreneurs who are thinking about taking the leap and starting their own business! Who are the founders of AppyParking and how did you meet? Founders: Dan Hubert, CEO & Enric Requena, CTO. I was working in adverting as an 'above the line' creative and wanted to diversify my portfolio with some digital solutions. I used an app agency and Enric was the junior developer. When I was looking for someone to bring my idea to life Enric was looking for a new challenge and our paths met again. appyparking, Dan Hubert, startup, parking, london, entrepreneur, UK, app Can you describe AppyParking and its features? Appyparking is a free parking application which helps drivers navigate UK’s biggest cities complex regulations and see parking restrictions before they get to their destination. As a result drivers save time and money and can find a space easily. AppyParking have worked with councils across the nation to digitize and standardize parking regulations. The app allows drivers to see all of the on-street and off-street parking options including controlled parking zones, car parks, disabled bays and free zones. To ensure motorists aren’t stung by fines, the app marks zones that are available to park in green, and closed-off areas in red. In just a few taps, motorists can see the “Nearest & Cheapest” parking spaces available. Drivers can even look up their destination to find the parking space before they get there. Since January, AppyParking also shows the cheapest and nearest petrol stations across the UK. This feature has the potential to save Londoners up to £33 a tank when driving only 3 miles to a different station. Features: • Nearest & Cheapest parking spot • Nearest & Cheapest petrol • Every type of bay for any kind of driver • Parking times on normal and Bank Holidays • Empty spaces with real-time availability app, appyparking, parking, london, map. mobile, phone What inspired you to create AppyParking? AppyParking was borne out of the frustration I felt when I was unable to find the parking regulations whilst parking outside the Royal Albert Hall. I was going to a gig one night at The Royal Albert Hall, trying to park was a complete nightmare as all the paid bays and resident bays were full and they had different controlled hours to add confusion. I noticed hundreds of yards of empty single yellow lines and thought; "If I could park on there I could park like a VIP right outside the entrance". I asked a passing traffic warden for his opinion. He said I was fine to park here after 6.30pm. When I asked where the signs were he helpfully said signposts were two streets away! It was then that I realised there was a problem that desperately needed fixing. Can you describe your business model? We take bad open data from the private and public sector and turn it into a consumable data set with multiple verticals. How did you get initial funding for your idea? By quitting a life long career and funding the idea myself. It showed that I was willing to put my neck on the line. When people see determination, commitment and self-belief it’s an easier horse to bet on. appyparking, Dan Hubert, startup, parking, london, entrepreneur, UK, app Where is AppyParking currently available and do you have plans to expand? AppyParking is currently available in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Coventry, Norwich and Cambridge and is free to download from the App Store and Google Play. What has been the most challenging part of starting your own business? Knowing absolutely nothing about real business or the industry I was getting into and having to learn every single day to stay alive. appyparking, logo, app, tech, london What useful advice would you like to give to other young entrepreneurs?

Do a load of research about your competitors and create a list of how you can be better.

Never do any research about how much of your life it will consume.

Take investment from investors you’d like to have a beer with and never give too much away. Make the investor work for their return. Smart money is 10x more effective.

Never take no for an answer and never ever give up.

Do you feel there is much support available in the UK for startups? The SEIS and EIS tax schemes have been brilliant for the start-up boom. There are also more Start Up accelerators than you can shake a stick at but be wary of some wanting their ounce of flesh. They all have business models attached to them at the end of the day. What are your plans for the future of AppyParking? To make parking a truly unforgettable experience. Thanks Dan and the rest of the AppyParking team, and all the best of luck for the future! If you like the sound of AppyParking and would like to find out more, visit their site by clicking here. Perhaps you have an idea or project you'd like to share? Create a project page on Wizbii for free, see who supports your idea,  gain visibility or find future associates! wizbii