Colours and their meanings: What colours should you use on your CV?

Colours and their meanings: What colours should you use on your CV?
When you are writing your CV, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration such as content, format, page layout, and colours. Your CV is your showcase: like a website, it defines who you are and shows the recruiter all of your qualities in a singe page. Pauline Lahary, founder of MyCVfactory and expert in this domain, presents us with the different meanings behind the colours used in your CV in order to help you choose the right ones.

Colours and their meanings : the TOP 8 colours to use on your CV based on your sector and your job

In a CV, colours are not only there to be aesthetically pleasing. They can have different meanings and it is important that you are familiar with these before you design your CV:


Blue is the colour of action and impulsion. A blue CV offers a 100% clean and sober feel, is a classic in-style colour, and reflects a very positive image of your personality. It is a colour that opens up perspectives, that suggests openness, and that is pleasing to all . We recommend: blue can be used for all types of jobs! We love: Twitter blue, combined with light charcoal grey cv blue

2/ Red

Red represents energy, and inspires seriousness and rigour. It has many positive connotations (heat, power, passion...) but being a very dominant colour with a strong character, it should be used sparingly. We recommend: red for Finance & Banking We love: a red that is bright and simple for your name and your titles, with a light grey for the rest red

3/ Yellow

Being the colour of the sun, yellow evokes joy and friendship. This colour can be used to brighten up a CV because it is stimulating and warm. Yellow is the colour expected in the area gastronomy and restaurants, as yellow makes you hungry! A CV for Michel & Augustin or a start-up selling French products? Opt for an orangey-yellow. But be careful: yellow does not print well, and is not seen when the document is in black and white! We recommend: a bright orangey-yellow so that it is 100% visible when printed  We love: the colour yellow, but in small doses! yellow

4/ Green

Being very natural, green represents hope and stability. A trendy colour for 2015, but watch out: green can quickly become dull if the hue is not well chosen. We recommend: green for professions related to furniture, eco-friendliness and engineers We love: combining an apple green with cream, brown, or taupe tones! green

5/ Orange

It's invigorating, as well as creative and communicative. It is a bright and lively colour that is perfect for you CV. It gives it a touch of cheerfulness and optimism. We recommend: orange for gastronomy (chefs, restaurants) We love: a pastel orange for headings and key information orange

6/ Brown

It's the colour of the earth, and is soft, natural, and neutral. It is a classic colour that never gets old that we recommend for your CV. Nevertheless be careful when choosing the tone, as it can have a tendency to make your image look dull. We recommend: brown for your font or for borders We love: coupling brown with other tones of brown, as well as with orange brown

7/ Violet

A massive yes for this colour that is so cheerful & trendy! Between purple and blue, violet is a salient colour, perfect for the CV. It corresponds to spirituality & stability. We recommend: a blueberry juice type violet, fresh for summer!  We love: associate purple with light colours (white, sky blue, light pink) violet

8/ Pink

The symbolic history of pink touches along the lines of identity and relationships with others. It inspires seduction, romance and optimism. We validate pink for CVs, but not light pink. We recommend: Pink for entertainment, the events sector, and communication We love: a deep pink that is not too Strawberry, that leans towards fuchsia pink You now know our TOP 8 colours to use on your CV. We also approve the use of neutral colours such as beige, grey, and off-white, which provide softness, calmness and serenity. Pastel colours are also welcome for their elegance & their pleasant appearance. Our final tips : ♦  Avoid strong contrasts like black and white, which can make your personality come off as rigid ♦  Avoid bad taste, as a bad combination of colours can really damage a CV and puts at risk your application ♦ For the main bodies of text on the CV, we prefer to use a dark grey (RGB : 51, 51, 51) rather than black, which we find too harsh ♦ Never use more than two colours on a CV

Why use colours in your CV

The colours are meant to make your CV more readable for the recruiter and to help convey a clear message, through colours that suit you. The colours on your CV also help highlight the key points and clarify the CV's structure. A multi-coloured CV can point to a disorganised candidate. Be careful in your choices, and make sure that you respect the 2 colours maximum rule! Also, if you send your CV by email, you should know that HR will print it, most often in black and white, so make sure that you choose colours that print well.  otherTo finish on a colourful note! Choosing colours can be difficult, so it is suggested to reach out to a professional CV service to avoid errors in taste and judgement. These colours will: — Prioritize content Differentiate you from other candidates Convey a message The colours you have chosen need to be harmonious and pleasing. Remember as well that when we are reading your CV, we must see two things: easy readability and cleanliness. This will push a recruiter towards contacting you! Don't have this feeling when reading your resume? Then go ahead and change the colours, the font, or the design. It is therefore important to properly choose the colours of your CV in accordance to their meanings and the added value they bring to your application. my cv factory Pauline LAHARY, from Mycvfactory wrote this article Mycvfactory offers CV samples and unlimited Coaching advice! Looking for a career change? Mycvfactory is the right place to go to, so you can drive success to your profile.Twitter : @myCVfactory