Tips to help you nail a Skype interview

Tips to help you nail a Skype interview
Video interviews, or more specifically Skype interviews, are becoming more and more common. This technique allows companies and candidates to save time and resources during the recruitment process, and allows candidates to apply to jobs that are further away. However, a Skype interview requires us to adapt our preparation as it is a bit different than the prep we do for face-to face interviews. Here are a few tips!


Before the interview

♦ Do your research

Like with any interview, the first thing you should do to properly prepare is some research on the company and the job in question. Have a look at the company's website, their Linkedin page, and even at their Twitter and Facebook pages to get the latest updates and news. Don't think that you will be able to discreetly search something on Google during the interview when you don't know how to answer a question or if you are missing some information.

♦ Prepare your environment

The thing with Skype interviews is that instead of being in a professional setting, such as an office, you are at home. It is therefore very important that you adapt your environment to the situation. Find a calm area with good lighting and a neutral background if possible. Make sure that you clean up and organise anything that may be visible in the scene. An undone bed or a messy pile of clothes will not make a good impression ;). bureau

♦ Avoid interruptions

It may seem trivial, but don't forget to inform your flatmates/parents/friends/hamsters about your interview so that they don't make too much noise or come barging in right in the middle of it.

♦ Check your equipment

Vérifier son équipement Skype Make sure that your webcam and microphone are working properly, and that you have a good internet connection. It is also a good idea to plug in your laptop charger before you start the interview to avoid power failure or having to plug it in during the interview. You should also add the recruiter's Skype account to your contacts ahead of time to avoid wasted time in case there is an issue. This will also show that you are well prepared.

♦ Take care of your appearance

soigner son apparence en entretien vidéo Just because you are not sitting pyscially face-to-face with the recruiter and you are in the comfort of your own home does not mean that you shouldn't dress professionally. You should always dress 100% the part during a video interview. This means that you should avoid wearing a shirt and blazer with pajama pants or sweats. You never know if you will need to get up for some reason or another. This is a risk best avoided! Plus, dressing professionally can help put you in the interview mindset.  

During the interview

♦ Have all of your material

Take this opportunity to have your CV in front of you as well as your notes with the questions you wish to ask the interviewer. You can also have a few notes prepared about the company or the tasks associated with the job to help you out. A glance here and there can simply help you stay organised and on track. However, you definitely must not prepare a speech or paragraphs to read. This will quickly come across as unnatural and you can be sure that the interviewer will quickly notice that you are reading something word for word.

♦ Adapt you behaviourentretien skype

When Skyping, we often have a tendency to stare at ourselves on the screen (or for those of you who are a less vein, at the other person on screen) as we feel awkward and uncomfortable staring directly into the camera. Nevertheless, during an interview it is always important to look the interviewer in the eyes, so do your best to lift your eyes and look at the camera. Also, with skype we lose the benefits of body language, which can say a lot about a person: when we are in front of someone, our gestures and our posture allow us to convey our enthusiasm.  You must therefore put some effort into conveying this with your words and tone of voice. It is also recommended that you distance yourself sufficiently from your webcam so that the interviewer doesn't only see your face.

After the interview

After a Skype interview, if things have gone well, there is a chance you will have to go in for a face-to-face interview. Just make sure that you thank your interviewer afterwards and that you give them the dates on which you would be available for further meetings. By now you should have understood that during a Skype interview, you should do all that you can to imitate the conditions of a face-to-face interview. But above all else, the most important thing to do is remain calm and relaxed. Sure a Skype interview can be just as stressful as a face-to-face, but with these tips you have every chance of succeeding!