How to Succeed in Your Interviews

How to Succeed in Your Interviews
In the current economy it’s actually quite difficult to get a job. There are so many people out there looking and there just don’t seem to be enough jobs to go around. That’s why it’s crucial that if you get an interview you know what to do to really kick it off right. You want to make sure that the interview gets you that job, and that actually requires you to look at a few important factors before you can get started. Pauline Lahary, founder of Mycvfactory, is here with us today to give her best tips to succeed in your interviews!

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Be on Time.

This is possibly the most important thing that you could possibly do. No employer wants to hire someone that’s going to be late all the time and if you can’t even be on time for the interview why would you be on time the rest of your workdays? This sets a very bad impression; even if the interviewer is running late their staff could easily let them know that you didn’t show up on time for the interview and this will give you a bad mark that is going to be extremely difficult (if even impossible) to remove from your score.

Be Conversational.

You should be able to read the situation that you’re in. If the interviewer wants to talk to you about something a little more personal, be ready for it. If they ask you a question and you can throw a little personality into it make sure that you do. They don’t want your life story but they definitely want to know that you’re a real person with real feelings, emotions and interests. They don’t want to hire a robot to work for their company after all so make sure that you put a little spark into it so they know why to hire you.

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Be Friendly.

You don’t need to make conversation with everyone that you meet and chat their ear off. What you do need to do is be polite and kind to everyone. From the janitor that you see on the first floor to the secretary sitting in front of the office of your interviewer consider everyone as equally important. Be polite if they speak to you and smile and wave or nod if they don’t. Make sure that even if you’re sitting in the waiting room or lobby for your interviewer for a long time you don’t get impatient. This will be conveyed as well.

Ask Questions.

You should have at least one and preferably two questions prepared for the end of your interview. Ask about the company in general, ask something about the position or anything you can think of that might be relevant. This shows that you’re interested in the position and that you took some time to pay attention to the interviewer or to do a little research before you even showed up. It makes you seem a lot more interesting and it makes you seem a lot more interested at the same time.

Follow Up.

First, before you even leave the interview it’s perfectly acceptable to ask about the interview process, what the next step is, when you can expect to hear back from them, how far they are in their interviews, etc. Make sure you keep these inquiries polite and also make sure that you don’t count them as your questions at the end of the interview. After the interview is over make sure that you follow up. This doesn’t mean calling the next day, what it means is you should call back in a few days or a week (depending on when they said they’d be making their final decision). Let them know you’re still interested in the position and you wanted to see if they needed any further information from you. thank you type writer best cv

Send a Note.

Possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of an interview is a thank-you note. You want to send this as quickly as you can after the interview. Make sure that it’s personalized to the person or people who conducted the interview and include a few key points that they mentioned about the position and why you’re a perfect fit for those skills. This will help you show off your personality and your skills a little more and get them thinking about you even after you’ve left. It also shows that you’re a polite and thoughtful person which is never a bad thing.   Pauline LAHARY, from Mycvfactory wrote this article my cv factory, best cv, student resume Mycvfactory offers CV samples and unlimited Coaching advice! Looking for a career change? Mycvfactory is the right place to go to, so you can drive success to your profile.