Fun & Friendly: The Top Start-up Life Perks

Fun & Friendly: The Top Start-up Life Perks
F&F. These letters summarize two major advantages of working in a start-up: Fun and friendly! Dying to know more? Check out some of the cool things UK start-ups are doing that make them so awesome to work in and our cool infographic below.

From fun team activities, like Transferwise's Holi color fight in London...

transferwise bonding over a classic game of beerpong like at Gosquared.


Bizzby's office dog livens up the office!


And at Clippet News, colleagues are always looking out for each other and lending a helping hand.

clippet news

At Wizbii, we personally enjoy a good round of office chair battles.

bloggif_551031cf58025   UK_top10_D_TRUCS_COOL_EN-STARTUP Working in a start-up also provides good opportunities for advancement, a less rigid hierarchy, flexibility and the opportunity to learn a lot quickly, all in a variety of domains! So what kind of cool things do you do in your start-up?