Unemployed/ Single: the same struggle? The tale of a young unemployed graduate

Unemployed/ Single: the same struggle? The tale of a young unemployed graduate
Hey young graduate friend who is looking for a job, are you depressed? Me too, don't worry! Being an unemployed graduate is no easy feat. It's been four months and I haven't even touched a press release, posted anything on Facebook or tweeted any company. Four months without managing a website, without creating a communication plan, without sending out a newsletter, without organising an event or even setting a benchmark: nothing, nada, nothing at all! Let's face it, it's being in society that is making it more difficult. You know that when you're on a night out with your friends, who are young graduates, that they are just as broken professionally as you. So? I came up with an interesting comparison the other day: being employed is like being single on a night out! You're surrounded by couples who feel a bit embarrassed about expressing their happiness in front of you. Just like people who have a job when you don't!

"Christopher surprised me last weekend by taking me to Rome, how romantic!"

Your 'weekend in Rome', meanwhile, consists more of listening to Ed Sheeran whilst watching the rain fall during this never-ending winter. For those active young people with who you hangout, on the other hand, it's a whole other story. Their 'weekend in Rome' is involves an exhibition hall in Los Angeles (this actually happened to a friend), a Facebook campaign to manage, a project to lead from A to Z, touring the country to promote events for some big company, last minute chaotic press releases to attend, a never ending string of meetings and additional responsibilities that are sprung onto them as the months go by. Then comes  the moment when they realise that you are looking at them with envy and longing (with a slight drip of drool hanging from your mouth), resulting in a nervous smile, a small joke to lighten the mood and then the inevitable "So how are you? Are things progressing?" You shrug your shoulders and explain that you're still looking, that you've applied for several positions, and then mutter that an ex-colleague might know someone who  "you never know" might be in need of someone with your profile in a couple of months... but as you've got nothing solid to say, you quickly change topic. There, with the kindness of their heart, they try to reassure and encourage you, their poor friend... and it's always the same words of reassurance no matter the situation.

On the subject of employment: "Don't worry, it'll happen soon enough. You just have to give it time. Do you still meet up with your old colleagues? Why not get out there and meet some new people! You never know who you might bump into... maybe try searching on websites specialising in graduate profiles?"

Love life counselling: "Don't worry, your day will come. You just have to give it time. Why not get out there and meet some new people! You never know who you might bump into... you might find yourself THE ONE. Have you tried looking online?

or even

When talking about the job situation: "But you know, I'm knackered, I feel like I don't have a life! Why not make the most of it and take some time for yourself, for your hobbies?"

With love complications: "But just so you know, deep down, I'm jealous of you. You're free! Make the most of it and take a girl out for a date. Go on, go for it!"

Can you see what I mean about how being unemployed is just like being single?  Even more, you feel like you're missing out on the driving force behind your future progress. You go from an internship or your first fixed-time contract in which you gave your very best, in which you completed all of the tasks that you were given, and in which you received a lot of praise from your peers... to boredom, procrastination and yes, a bit of depression. It's just like after a break-up. It very quickly becomes tempting to slump on the sofa in your grey tracksuit and to bury yourself under your duvet. You'll sit there watching the entire series of Breaking Bad, whilst eating as much junk food as you can. But WAIT A MINUTE! Just think about what you're doing! We all know how Breaking Bad ends anyways, so it's time to get up and get some fresh air. Once again, like with love, your professional Ryan Gosling or your Mila Kunis isn't just going to fall from the sky (if only). So tell to your friends, your parents, your ex-colleagues to keep an eye out for a job that could change everything. Or why not kick start things yourself? Why not go to a speed dating / job dating? Or start asking people around you: "Hey, do you have any cute single friends that you could introduce me to?" "You don't happen to know anyone working in the digital department of Ubisoft do you? So as you can see, I really do believe that meeting other people in the big professional world is the key to finding yourself a job. Perhaps I'm being naive. But if a young graduate can't be a bit naive, then who can? So get ready because... One beautiful morning, that person  in charge of recruitment will arrive at their job after dropping off their children at school in the morning. She'll head straight towards the coffee machine, saying good morning to her colleagues as she goes. Then, like an automatic pilot, she'll pop to her desk where there's a huge stack of papers waiting for her. After letting out a huge sigh, she'll tap away on her computer, replying to urgent emails, and then, she'll stumble across your application or the message from her colleague who claims they know you very well and who tells her all about your professional project... One thing in particular will draw her attention to your profile: whether it's the name of a company, a job title, your passion for Swedish gymnastics... In short, it'll all click into place and she's most likely to get in touch with you to organise your first interview. I'll let you complete the rest of that scenario! Perhaps these tips won't lead you to new job straight away, but do your best to remain desirable, interesting and 'bankable', which will make you feel more confident in your efforts. Replace your negative spiral with a positive one. Well, that's exactly what I'm going to do from today on forward. Photo : The Big Bang Theory   Article written by Bastien Collignon, translated by Megan Byrne