Wizbii is off to conquer Europe and is launching in 4 countries

Wizbii is off to conquer Europe and is launching in 4 countries
What a long way the Wiz'team has come since 2011! As the Wizbii adventure has run it's course in France these past years with 400,000 members, 3 fundraising rounds, a team that has grown to 35 talented little bees, 3 versions of the site, 3 office spaces and 83,949 coffees drunk...we have BIG news to announce to you all.

Let's conquer Europe!

The team is happy to announce that today is the official opening of the platform on the international market. We have spread our wings and flown outside of the French borders, landing today in the UK, Spain, Italy, and Germany. WIZBII-VECTEUR2_flat

These countries are very different in terms of employment...So why this strategic decision?!

Indeed, though the youth unemployment rate is 49.4% in Spain, 42% in Italy, it is 15.5% in England and only 7.3% in Germany. (source: OCDE 2015)
Nevertheless, these countries are all in need of Wizbii's help. With such high unemployment rates in Spain and Italy, it is obvious that young people are having trouble finding a job and Wizbii is here to help them. In Germany and the UK, however, it is is rather the companies that are having difficulties: they are struggling to recruit young talents, particularly in certain sectors. This is where Wizbii steps in: We help young people find a job but we also help enhance companies' employer brand to enable them to hire the best talent out there.

Job offers and projects with no bounderies

We heard through the grapevine that 1 out of 3 graduates is looking for a job abroad...but what a hassle it is to search for this type of job on all sorts of different websites that aren't in your native language! We therefore kept you guys in mind, our first community, and now offer a network with no borders that will allow you to search for a job in any country from a platform that is in English. In addition to this, you will also be able to join entrepreneurial projects that are based abroad. Why not become a partner for a mobile app based in Barcelona? ;)

A multilingual website and job offers adapted to each country

You may have already noticed that our website has been available in English for a few weeks already, and will soon be available in other languages as well.
Wizbii's objective? To offer the greatest volume of job offers for young people in each country in which we are present!

4 new blogs created inspired by La Ruche!

In France, La ruche is one of the first blogs about employment and entrepreneurship. Given the success of this wonderful project made by Wizbii, we have created a version adapted to each country in which we are launching ourselves. Share these with your Erasmus friends, or go ahead and take a look to develop your language skills. ;) Welcome to the Daily Wiz !

Descubrid nuestro blog español / Entdeckt unseren deutschen Blog / Scoprite il nostro blog italiano

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Next step: Wizbii wants to fund the studies of 5 students in Europe!

Starting in October, Wizbii is launching a big operation for it's international launch: the european version of Wizbii wants to fund your studies! One or two students in each country (France, UK, Spain, Italy, and Germany) will have the chance to win a scholarship. But shhh...We will tell you more about it very soon.   Thank you again to all our members, partners, investors, and clients for their faith in us, the adventure is only just beginning!